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Terms & Conditions

By signing up to any membership type, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Perth Wildcats membership as outlined below:

When purchasing a membership you are doing so without the dates and times of the games being determined. No refunds will be offered if you are unable to make games due to scheduling.

At the Perth Wildcats discretion, reserved seat members can be moved within their block, without prior consent from that member, in order to assist with seating requests and to bring single seats or a group of seats together. Members will not be allocated into a seating location if this will result in a single seat being left. The Club will attempt to contact members where possible.

Captains club, supporter and flexi tickets may be allocated in alternative categories that equate to lesser value of the membership purchased should seating allocation be exhausted. The Club will always attempt to contact members of this change.

Perth Wildcats members consent the NBL to access their personal information.

Perth Wildcats members must act in accordance with the RAC Arena Code of Conduct at all times for the benefit of all patrons.

It is our policy to promote a safe and secure environment and that our attendees do not engage in any inappropriate or anti-social behaviour, inclusive of the excessive consumption of alcohol, racial taunts, violent behaviour, bad language, threatening or disruptive speech/acts to other attendees, NBL officials or teams. This will not be tolerated at any time during Perth Wildcats home games or events. The Perth Wildcats reserve the right to terminate memberships without a refund should members, or those attending in place of a member, or ban patrons that display any of this inappropriate behaviour.

A child is classified as anyone who is 16 or under. (Deemed a child if patron is born on or after 1 Jan 2004)

The Club may from time to time where reasonably necessary vary these Terms and Conditions. The Club will communicate any change to these Terms and Conditions via the Club website and/or email. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions are effective from the time of posting the Terms and Conditions on the Club website or sending the email notification to members. Subject to any applicable laws, members will have no claim against the Club by reason of any change made to these Terms and Conditions.


Our Clever ‘Cat payment plans have been designed to make the membership renewal process even easier and more affordable than ever before. Clever ‘Cat offers the option to spread payments over instalments or to make a once off payment, both options operating on an automatic ‘rollover’ at the end of the season. Being a member on the Clever ‘Cat plan, membership seats will automatically be renewed each season until a member chooses to opt out. Terms and Conditions are outlined below.


CLEVER ‘CAT One-Off Payment Plan

  • A one-off annual payment to secure your Perth Wildcats membership.
  • Each year in April, the full amount of the membership will be debited from the chosen credit card, only if you notify us during the renewal period. If the Perth Wildcats are not notified your membership will roll over on the Clever ‘Cat part payment plan.

CLEVER ‘CAT Part Payment Plan

  • The Clever ‘Cat part payment plan makes being a member simple and more affordable, with the annual membership fee payable in 10 instalments for Full Season Memberships.
  • Payments are charged to the nominated VISA or Mastercard each month beginning when a membership renewal or application form is processed (please see table below for more details).
  • Members who join and/or apply for the part payment plan after the first scheduled payment in April 2020 will have the number of required payments deducted to bring them up to date with the schedule and then subsequent payments at each specified date.
Renewal or Joining date Instalments deducted immediately Instalments remaining for season 2020/21 Next deduction (and monthly thereafter)
On or before 14 Apr 2020 1 9 15 May 2020*
On or before 14 May 2020 2 8 15 Jun 2020*
On or before 14 Jun 2020 3 7 15 Jul 2020*
On or before 14 Jul 2020 4 6 15 Aug 2020*
On or before 14 Aug 2020 5 5 15 Sep 2020*
On or before 14 Sep 2020 6 4 15 Oct 2020*
On or before 14 Oct 2020 7 3 15 Nov 2020*
On or before 14 Nov 2020 8 2 15 Dec 2020*
On or before 14 Dec 2020 9 1 15 Jan 2021*
On or before 14 Jan 2021 10 2020/21 season payments complete Date TBC 2021 – 2021/22 membership payments start date

*or closest business day


All Perth Wildcats members will be put on the Clever ‘Cat payment plan when you join as members in the 2020/21 season. By becoming a member you accept the terms and conditions of the Clever ‘Cat and that your membership seat/s will automatically be renewed each season until you choose to opt out during relevant renewal periods to be announced by the club. Members also acknowledge that they are bound to the Terms and Conditions stated below.


Full payments will be deducted within two weeks of a membership renewal or application being received.

  • This document outlines the rights and responsibilities a member has with regard to the ability of the Perth Wildcats to directly debit the nominated credit card for any instalments or fees due by the member under the terms of the Perth Wildcats Membership Contract entered into. Should a member have any queries regarding the membership contract or Clever ‘Cat Payment Plan please contact the Membership Department on (08) 6272 0777.
  • By signing up to the Clever ‘Cat program the member authorises Wildcats 2000 PTY LTD to arrange a transfer of funds from the nominated credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) in the applicable amounts and at the intervals advised in the table above.
  • For the 10 part payment plan, each instalment is one tenth of the membership total, rounded to the nearest cent. The last payment in each year will allow for rounding so that the total membership fee paid across the 10 payments is equal to the full season price.
  • By initiating payment of the membership contract by a Clever ‘Cat payment plan, the member accepts the automatic roll-over of their membership in subsequent seasons.
  • Clever ‘Cat is an annual commitment. Members can only opt out of the Clever ‘Cat program in a period determined by the Perth Wildcats.
  • Members will receive written notice from the Perth Wildcats detailing the next season’s membership fees, deduction date and conditions of Clever ‘Cat. Members will be given the opportunity in this notice to opt out of the rollover of their membership for the following season.
  • Members acknowledge that it is their responsibility to inform the club when receiving this notice that they wish to opt out of the membership and the Clever ‘Cat program within the time period detailed in this notice. If no contact is made by the member, then the member acknowledges that the club will operate on the understanding the membership has rolled over to the following year and payments by the Clever ‘Cat program will continue as detailed in the notice.
  • If the member is a part payment plan member, the first instalment will be deducted from the member’s account on a date determined by the club and communicated to members, with further payments occurring on the dates detailed by the club to members.
  • If the member is a one-off payment plan member, the full amount will be deducted from the members account on a date determined by the club and communicated to members.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that on the due date clear funds are available in the nominated account to meet direct debit payments or to inform the club of any changes in the details of the acknowledged credit card prior to the monthly charge being processed.
  • If any payment fails to transfer between institutions, further attempts can be made throughout the season until successful.
  • Should an instalment payment not clear, the Perth Wildcats will contact the member requesting immediate settlement of the payment. Any fees levied to the member by their financial institution will be payable by the member.
  • If the member’s transactions are unsuccessful for three consecutive months and the member does not contact the club to rectify the outstanding amount, the member’s details will be passed to the club’s debt collection agency for resolution. If at this time the member has not attended any games, the membership will be cancelled.
  • The Perth Wildcats reserves the right to suspend a member’s barcode should they not respond to requests regarding outstanding debt from the club or if they are one monthly payment behind. A suspended barcode means a member will not be able to gain access to games, finals tickets or regular membership benefits such as team store discounts.
  • The Perth Wildcats reserves the right to withhold from sending captains club, supporter or flexi tickets if the members payments are not up to date.
  • The Perth Wildcats reserves the right to cancel a member’s Clever ‘Cat membership where there are ongoing payment issues, and request the member pay their fees up front the following season.
  • Members will be unable to renew their membership for the following season if there is any outstanding debt from the previous season. Members may only renew once the balance is paid in full.
  • If a member believes that a withdrawal has been initiated incorrectly, they can contact the Membership Department on (08) 6272 0777. Members will receive a refund for the amount withdrawn if the club cannot substantiate the reason for drawing.


It is the responsibility of the member to ensure cleared funds are available in the nominated account to meet the direct debit payment. Should payment not be received by 5pm, 7 days after the due date, members will be responsible for payment of the debit plus an additional $15 for administrative costs. The $15 late fee will be charged at the time the overdue payment is processed.

Members can contact the membership department, via email only at prior to the due date, and request if payment can be made at an agreed later date. If payment is not received by the agreed date then the $15 late fee will be applied.


Once a membership has been purchased, the Perth Wildcats are under no obligation to agree to a cancellation and refund, subject to the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. Requests for cancellations and refunds may only be considered in exceptional circumstances, or where the Australian Consumer Law applies.

All applications for cancellations and refunds are to be made in writing and addressed to: Perth Wildcats Membership Department – PO BOX 455, WEMBLEY WA 6913

Under the circumstances that a cancellation and refund is granted, the below will be applied

  • All membership cancellations will incur a $50 processing fee per member.
  • Memberships that have been paid in full: The refund amount will be based on the table below. After 30 August, no refunds will be provided.
Date refund requested Percentage that will be refunded
On or before 14 May 90%
On or before 14 June 80%
On or before 14 July 70%
On or before 14 August 60%
On or before 30 August 50%
  • Memberships that are on the part payment: Memberships can be cancelled up until 30 August and unpaid instalments will be cancelled and paid instalments will not be refunded.
  • Subject to the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, membership refunds will not be permitted after 30 August.